Women's Rights

Women's Rights

The articles here are largely Islamic-centric and will challenge the views propagated through the liberal media that almost exclusively targets Islam. 

Exploring the gender issues in society. Is there a genuine concern for upholding women's rights or is this merely a political tool used by the West as means of waging a propaganda war? I see this disparity in the media as certain aspects get disproportionate focus and more serious issues are often ignored. 

As if the current climate of political Islamophobia were not enough, who should jump into the fold but Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the ex-Muslim whose claim to fame is her delight in slandering her former religion. She was recently on the BBC, making absurd suggestions such as: Muslims may follow Islam if they just stop enjoining the good, forbidding the evil and following the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), a man described as "one of the world's greatest leaders" by Muslim and non-Muslim historians and commentators. Having turned against Islam, Ali believes herself to be an advocate of Muslim women's rights, (just like the biggotted Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, subject of yesterday's article) but in taking on this role, is she victimising swathes of women?

Here we are, on the last day of International Women's Month, and while women of all nations, religions and backgrounds have been celebrated, women's rights in Islam continue to be questioned. This, along with other forms of inequality will always come under scrutiny until our greater social paradigm changes to promotes the respect and equal treatment of all human citizens as well as other living beings. (We haven't hit upon animal rights as of yet in Radical Views but those on our team who like their cosmetic products certainly believe in taking the corporations to task over this.) This is by no means the final article that will be posted on women's rights, particularly as this is such a challenging topic in our current age. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown has used International Women's month to repeat her usual, illogical and one-sided stance on the veil and I really feel that an alternative viewpoint is required. My words may not fit

International women’s month is ending and we find ourselves in the lead-up to the UK General Election. The regular visitors among you will have noticed Radical Views taking self-proclaimed “Feminist” Theresa May to task for chasing potential Conservative voters through Islamophobic fearmongering. This is nothing new. Throughout her career, May has talked about Islam as a problem, particularly for women. Yesterday’s article, "The Interfaith Jihad Against Evil" by Reverend Frank Gelli, on the other hand, suggests that it is not religion, but simply the choice to follow the Devil himself, that is creating disharmony. And what is the reality? Does Islam really oppress women and promote patriarchy? We are posting this article today as a springboard into the deeper question of what Islam, rather than Theresa May, teaches about gender relations. This is most certainly an informative piece so remember to Like, Tweet and share – Yamin Zakaria and the Team @ Radical Views

Three months ago, ISIS, the violent organisation claiming to spread Islamic rule in the Middle East was reported by various world news channels as having beheaded 150 women, many of them pregnant, in accordance with its own, unscholarly and rigid interpretation of certain parts of the Islamic penal code.

One month ago, the BBC publicly reported that Iraq’s women prisoners were typically “raped or threatened with sexual assault by security forces during their interrogation", while quoting a women’s prison employee as having said that "We expect that they've been raped by police on the way to the prison."

‘Femicide’ – from Foemina, Latin for woman - concerns the direct, deliberate killing of women or girls. Here it means the illegal abortion of unborn females. Barbarous and wrong, surely? So a ban on sex-selective terminations is proposed. Chilling how other foeminae, the feminists, oppose it. Alice in Wonderland, topsy-turvy kind of world?

Aristotle speaks somewhere of barbarous cultures. His nasty example is that of folks who kill, roast and eat their own children. Liberal, ‘civilised’ democracies are not as bad as that. They do kill their unborn babies virtually on demand, however. Femicide is a new, sinister development. The British media tend to pin the guilt on immigrant parents, either on grounds of boy preference or lucre. They blab about daughters needing ‘more expensive dowries’. Actually for Muslims the dowry (Mahr in Arabic) is paid not by the woman to the man but by the man to the woman. So, there.

Abortion used to be a criminal offence or felony in Britain but in 1927 the law was watered down. Later David Steel, a Liberal MP, introduced the Abortion Act that in 1967 ‘liberalised’ the whole thing. Significantly, 40 years later the same fellow urged a ‘rethink’. Pity that in the interim more than 6.7 million unborn children have been ‘terminated’. I would not wish to be in Steel’s shoes on the dreadful Day of Judgment…

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