“Keep Britain Tidy” and White

I have decided to become a voice for the Far Right temporarily to get a glimpse of their pain and suffering. Some of my colleagues have advised me that I will need to wear dirty clothes, scruffy jeans is a must. The body should have some tattoos, and my conversation should be littered with abusive expletives to gain the full experience. Others have advised the traditional approach of shaving the head, growing a big beer belly, have some Union Jack tattoos, then go topless holding a can of beer and hurl abuse at foreigners or in this case the new enemy, the ‘Muzlims’. I understand there is much pessimism in the air, but as they say, the best way to grasp the situation is to be in their shoes, well, as much as you can fit in.

After reading some of their concerns online, I will do my best to air them below. At times I have had to figure out their actual position. For example, they express their intense hatred for all Muzlims and Islam. It does not matter if they are radical or moderate and the dark skinned ones are the ones most despised. Some of their soldiers regularly resort to verbal and physical abuse of Muzlim women on the streets, yet they are all concerned about their ‘suffering’ under Islamic law and customs. In essence, they want to save the Muzlim women from Islam, and if they don’t take up that option they will be subjected to their wrath on the streets and online; there is nothing like a free society where you can choose your option as long as it’s the right one!  So let us start to address some of the issues.

Stop the Lies

We need to reclaim our country back, stop the lies that Muzlims and the new refugees aided by the Marxist-left are spreading about our English heritage, well British heritage for now as we need to include the wild Scots, the diminutive Welsh and the dense Irish for the time being. Steady on chaps, one step at a time. Our great island is Christian. To maintain this identity,  our not-so-devout leaders Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding carrying the large cross to confront the Muzlims, before or after visiting the Pub and the betting shop. The Muzlims are perplexed, they ask, are they declaring a crusade or do they think we are vampires that will run and scream seeing the sight of a big inflatable cross.   

Some of these Muzlims are claiming that Jesus is not English, and Saint George is also a foreigner. In fact, many of them claim to be related to both of them, going back in time before the era of Shrek. These Muzlims even are saying that Jesus is not his real name because they can’t pronounce the holy letter ‘J’. No way. They are white as Paul Golding or Tommy Robinson, born and raised in Essex. Jesus is 100% English, sorry British, and so is Saint George. Jesus was crucified in Glasgow by the heathen Scots from the Highlands when he went to preach there. Stop the attack on our true British heritage.

Stop A’lal (Halal) Meat

I am so glad we are seeing the danger of the delicious A'lal meat after consuming it for decades, seduced by the aromatic kebabs and curries. Many have become addicted to it, consequently, have gained weight, they look chubbier than Paul and Jayda. We all know this was covert Jihad to weaken our white men and women, this is why Katie Hopkins decided to launch the counter-Jihad by doing a TV series on how to lose weight. That backfired as she lost more fans than weight. Her blunt approach to the issue did not help.

In addition to the unhealthy weight gain, the recent report from our leadership (Tommy, Paul, Jayda, Nigel and Katie) suggests that A'lal meat consumption has led to the radicalisation of some innocent white people. They have become one of the faithful, seen in the Mosques wearing funny clothes and chanting prayers in a foreign language. Apparently our sister organisation, the Quilliam Foundation is writing another lengthy report for the government to aid the new counter-radicalisation strategy.

Finally, what about the cruelty. The Muzlims kill those poor animals to make the mouth-watering Kebabs, delicious Biriyanis and Curries that we enjoy so much. Why can't they be civilised like us, and make those dishes without killing them? We just stun them or in the old days clobber them to ‘sleep’; the burgers and the meat pies then appear magically on our Supermarket Shelves next day and no harm is done to anyone.

Stop them Breeding

There is grave concern over the Muzlim population increasing. These people breed quickly and discolouring the beautiful white landscape of England. How can we prevent them from reproducing, especially with our white girls? Can we find a way of making sex illegal for the Muzlims; maybe the EU can help here, and we forget this Brexit business? Perhaps a new tax is needed coupled with cutting benefit for any one of them giving birth unless it’s a white baby.  

I also hear the Muzlim men are more fertile than our white men because they don't consume beer and sausages, which also makes our guys age faster. Even before 50, they start to resemble Compo and Nora from the Last of the Summer Wine or Uncle Albert from Fools and Horses. Not only that, many of our white ladies have said the Ahmed are fit and athletic, they roam around in the gym and the shopping centres with their flash cars. Just look what happened to our Princess Diana.

They have this natural tan on them which our people are desperate for to compete with the Ahmed types, but many get extra tanned or burnt when the sun comes out. Our ladies have said many times they are more appealing than the chubby Phil Mitchel or Paul Golding types - their head, jawline and neck are indistinguishable, like one big football.   


Stop the Mosques

No more Mosques, no more Temples, no more foreign entities, no more McDonalds, no more Pizza Hut and no more KFCs, this is England. We only want English Pubs and Churches as it was built by Jesus and his followers from Essex around 2000 years ago. It does not help that many of our Churches are dilapidated and associated with horror movies all the time. Some of our lads have been inside a Mosque. They said it was clean, feels very spiritual, the people are friendly, but lots of children are getting radicalised as they were seen reading some book in a foreign language. 


Final Solution

Finally, we are not racists; we all love Muzlims because some live on our roads that we have not attacked. The best Muzlims are almost the white ones; I don’t mean their skin tone, no we are not racist, what I mean is the ones who are almost like us, almost a non-Muzlim. They go to pubs, have a few girlfriends, and smoke the happy tobacco, just like those groomers chasing our girls. We need to have a final solution to this Muzlim problem as said by our leader. Is that why some of our boys have started the acid attacks after hearing some of the sermons and tweets?

Yamin Zakaria (www.radicalviews.org)

Published on 11/7/2017

London, UK

Last modified on Tuesday, 11 July 2017 00:50

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