I have decided to become a voice for the Far Right temporarily to get a glimpse of their pain and suffering. Some of my colleagues have advised me that I will need to wear dirty clothes, scruffy jeans is a must. The body should have some tattoos, and my conversation should be littered with abusive expletives to gain the full experience. Others have advised the traditional approach of shaving the head, growing a big beer belly, have some Union Jack tattoos, then go topless holding a can of beer and hurl abuse at foreigners or in this case the new enemy, the ‘Muzlims’. I understand there is much pessimism in the air, but as they say, the best way to grasp the situation is to be in their shoes, well, as much as you can fit in.

After reading some of their concerns online, I will do my best to air them below. At times I have had to figure out their actual position. For example, they express their intense hatred for all Muzlims and Islam. It does not matter if they are radical or moderate and the dark skinned ones are the ones most despised. Some of their soldiers regularly resort to verbal and physical abuse of Muzlim women on the streets, yet they are all concerned about their ‘suffering’ under Islamic law and customs. In essence, they want to save the Muzlim women from Islam, and if they don’t take up that option they will be subjected to their wrath on the streets and online; there is nothing like a free society where you can choose your option as long as it’s the right one!  So let us start to address some of the issues.

I had some beautiful dreams in the auspicious month of Ramadan. It began with my visions of Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins having sausages and beans at their anniversary meal celebrating a successful year of Islamophobia. Then they heard the announcement on the BBC News, their children and some close family members embraced Islam at the Abu Hamza Mosque in Finsbury Park. They stopped breathing and started choking severely, this was compounded by Tommy realising that the sausages from Tesco were A’lal (Halal). He used to eat them regularly before he got radicalised. Eventually, both of them ended up in the local hospital, where the dark skinned Muslim doctors from Africa with Asian nurses gathered around to save the couple, this frightened them even more, as the years of Islamophobic-radicalisation took its toll on that day. They passed away the following day.

Some of the new converts became devout and enrolled at the local Islamic School to qualify as an Imam. Can you imagine the sons of Tommy and Kate as an Imam in the Mosque? Others started to raise funds to build a new Grand Mosque next to St Paul’s Cathedral. The two buildings with a dome would perfectly complement each other.

My deepest sympathies and condolences go to all those who lost loved ones and were injured in the attacks in Westminster last week. I feel very strongly about such incidents because my father was murdered by neo Nazi-fascist terrorists and I am still struggling to cope with this tragic loss in my family.

My father Mohammed Saleem was a Muslim and he was murdered by the same far-right terrorist who bombed mosques in the West Midlands and became known as “The Tipton Bomber.” Quite rightly we do not equate all white people with this terrorist, but why are all Muslims treated as potential terrorists?

Yesterday we posted an article written by a Non-Muslim feminist examining a major flaw in Ayaan Hirsi Ali's ideology, and how she was causing trouble for Muslim women. But what is the Muslim response to the woman who claims that Islam needs to become the opposite of what it is and has always been? Today's article looks at why none of Hirsi Ali's claims, why she is aligned with extremism and what can be done about it. Hirsi Ali's book has more popularity than it deserves so remember to Like, Tweet and share this article so that others may see beyond the hype and understand the viewpoint of the experts - Yamin Zakaria and the Team @ Radical Views.

Another book attacking Islām and Muslims—automatic bestseller

Controversial anti-Islām activist and ideologue Ayaan Hirsi Ali has recently been given generous airtime once again promoting her new book, Heretic: Why Islām Needs a Reformation Now. In this episode she outlines five areas in which she believes Islām is in urgent need of reform: the status of the Qur’ān; the infallibility of the Prophet Muhammad (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam); the emphasis of the hereafter over the ‘here-and-now’; jihād—which she tellingly refers to by the historically Christian term, ‘holy war’; and what she calls ‘Sharia law’.

With all the vicious claims that Conservative Home Secretary Theresa May has been making about Britain's Muslims being extremists one way or another, how are Islamic organisations themselves responding? The MCB (Muslim Council of Britain) released this prompt rebuttal. Reading through the statment, we see that that the MCB have highlighted many myths and biases cited in Theresa May's speech, while also stating a few hard facts. Take a look and find out how the MCB has sifted through May's speech to inform us of the real situation regarding Muslims in the UK, and remember to Like, Tweet and share this article - Yamin Zakaria and the Team @ Radical Views

Over the years, Muslims in Britain have spoken out against terrorism with one voice. Not only do such acts sully the faith the perpetrators claim to speak for, they also ruin lives within Muslim communities.

We have consistently argued that the best counter-terrorism strategy involves upholding our own values of freedom, civil liberties and ensuring that we do not single out any specific community. When this government came to power, there was a sense of optimism within communities that it would uphold and champion these values.

However, whilst Mrs. May rightly speaks for values promoting the rule of law, participation in and acceptance of democracy, equality, free speech and respect for minorities, it is disappointing to see that her proposals seem to be at variance with the very qualities she wants us to aspire to.

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