Terrorism Comes Only in One Flavour: The Muzzy Kebab

For those unfamiliar with the pejorative term of Muzzy it refers to Muslims, along with other familiar names such as Sand Niggers, Towel Heads, and Camel Humpers, they are all ‘made in the USA’ I think. I often hear it from that quarter. As for the word Kebab, it is a metaphor describing the dominant ethnicity of the Muslims. They hate Muzzies, in recent times that have extended to attacking their halal food after consuming it for years because they have concerns for animal welfare now. Note their protests did not include the Kosher meat, and we all know why. Similarly, we all remember the racist kids taunting in school that you smell of curry, only to see their parents turning up regularly to the Indian restaurant in the evening to order a takeaway.  

I am pleased that Muslims have not responded in kind by coining similar scornful terms. We could easily substitute Camel Humpers with Dog Humpers (bestiality), and ironically that is a reality for some section of the population. One can easily find the distasteful websites and videos online with a single click, and rest assure the vast majority involved are non-Muzzy, and all the sites hosted in the Western hemisphere. Such sites would not exist if there were not a demand for them.

Racism in all forms is abhorrent because you taint an entire group of people with a single ugly brush. Today, nobody wants to be identified as a racist, it is the anti-fad phenomena of our time, the term is cursed, and even the right-wing extremists will deny it. So they hide behind Islamophobia arguing that Muslims are not a race. That is correct but on the flip side to that point is that the Muslims represent several races of various ethnic groups that are not indigenous. In the old days, the racists would call the blacks niggers or wogs, the Indian subcontinent people pakis, the Arabs as dirty lying Arab, etc. Now they have replaced all those terms and conveniently hide behind Islamophobia arguing it’s not racism but the fear of radical Islam. Then you get the ‘odd’ slip up of right-wing activists espousing their slogans and placards using racial terms. It is not an empirical coincidence that the vast majority of whom demonstrate Islamophobia sits on the very right side of politics. Just speak to them in private, and you will see the racist traits come out.

Along with the myth that Islamophobia is not exhibiting racism, we have the complementary myth peddled by the right and the centre of Politics - Muslims are the only terrorists or the terrorism emanating from Muslims matter. For some black (non-white) lives matter, for others, only Muslims-terrorism matters. What a contrast of opinion.   

What is happening in the real world is – in the name of fearing Muslim-terrorism the targeting of Muslims as a whole is legitimised in various ways, from demonisation in the mainstream media to actual violence. There are radical measures in different countries to stop terrorism which is a byword for Muslim-terrorism, and nobody asks who will stop state terrorism, the root of all terrorism some would argue. Who will curtail the terrorism of Israel, Burma, the Syrian regime, the US drones, and the various US proxies? Of course, the violence emanating from states are legal no matter how many they kill, this week the Burmese military operation killed 1000 indigenous Rohingya Muslims and yet no one is mentioning the term terrorism to describe the regime.  

The blatant act of white terrorism such as the one in Quebec where six innocent worshippers gunned down by a supporter of Donald Trump, a right wing White extremist gets ignored. As many pointed out, Donald Trump, the first US President known for his social media activity never fails tweet on issues, especially acts of violence or retribution coming from the Muslims, and he totally bypasses the Quebec issue. This inaction is deliberate because it does not fit into their paradigm - which states - only the terrorism of Muslims matter and the Muslims are inherently terrorist.

One US Senator, Sean Duffy, tried to reinforce that argument in a televised interview as he tried to downplay terrorism from white extremists. The host gave him several examples from the US including the massive bombing by Timothy McVeigh to point out that terrorism in all forms should be treated in the same light; it is called the rule of law. Let us not forget Europe, Andres Breivik of Norway is a recent prominent example. When one looks at the perpetrator's ethnicity instead of the act, it speaks volumes of a fascist mind at work.       

For Donald Trump and his allies, it has to be the Muzzies. For sure he would use such terms with his locker room boys. The media went to work on the Quebec killer by announcing that he was a Moroccan Muslim and the damage was already done. It was the same media that announced the Oklahoma bomber was a Muslim as the headlines in the press read “in the name of Allah” beside the images of death and destruction. Just imagine the Quebec killer had been a Muslim, for sure Trump would have been tweeting all night to justify the travel ban and that would get amplified by the militant Fox News and the ‘moderate’ CNN. The irony is following that executive order the racists in their white hoods felt empowered and burnt down a Mosque in Texas. For sure if they had their way they would crucify the worshippers on the cross. It is the Muslims that need protection from the violence of White extremists individuals, the hostile media at work, and the state who disguise persecution as security measures.

Yamin Zakaria (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Published 12th Feb 2017


London, UK

Last modified on Sunday, 12 February 2017 13:31

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